About Us

About Us

Perumal Vidhya Nikethan is a social organisation with a History of 27 years in the field of Educational Development. Perumal Vidhya Nikethan started Little Flower English School in the year 1987 with 18 students and 1 staff.

With the blessing and co-operation of all the well wishers, Little Flower English School progressed to become one of the Premier Educational Institutions in Bangalore City providing education to more than 3000 students with 90 teaching and 30 non-teaching staffs.

Little Flower High School has a team of qualified and spirited teachers to impart a good standard of education and guide them to a better future. The school provides the best facilities for students to acquire skills and values and enable them to be educated individuals and in turn become responsible citizens of the nation.

Our Principles

The school adopts Mahatma Gandhi’s and Perumalji’s ideals as its guiding principles. Shri. Perumalji, our guru, is a freedom fighter, social worker, and Gandhian.

Little Flower High School’s Principles are :

As the school was growing faster, students started deprived of extracurricular activities. As a result of which the institution had managed to introduce the following :-

The Institution along with the support of the well wishers feels that it can reach its Zenith. To reach taht better heights, we have plans for the future.


We find immense pleasure in humbly placing before you the facts of our institution. This organisation caters education to the economically weaker and socially handicapped sections of our society.
The main objective of this institution is to enrich the life of the slum dwellers and expose them to the brighter side of the world, widen their outlook, in turn making them good citizens and better human beings.
We youths formed a team and joined hand in 1982 to devote our spare time for the service and upliftment of the poor and the uneducated. This team visited the neighbouring slums to enlighten the slum dwellers about hygiene and health. Unfortunately, they were still in the dark due to lack of education. However, this kind of service continued for almost 5 years. The services were rendered in the form of offering freelance teaching for the most downtrodden ones. A little bit or reformation did take place. This made the team conclude that there was a lot of potential among those people and their kith and kins.
Considering the above and keeping in mind the request from parents and the well wishers to start a regular school, the organisation decided to start one for the little buds waiting to bloom. With a lot of confidence that little buds would definitely bloom into beautiful flowers, thus Little Flower High School came into existence during the year 1987. Having “Character is degree, life is examination, Universe is University” as it heart slogan.
The response from the uneducated parents to educate their children was poor initially. We succeeded in enrolling only eighteen students during 1987 and today we feel happy to educate more than Three Thousand Wards with the help of 90 Teaching Staff’s and 30 Non-teaching staff’s.

Vision and Mission


Our vision is to create a system of education where, all children get access to value based education.

  • We are committed
  • To Serve the Society
  • To provide high quality education
  • with a spirit of service and holistic development...


Our mission is to work upon the young minds and imbue them with the values of

  • Truth
  • Righteous conduct
  • Peace
  • Love and
  • Service to the society

Our Motto

Character is Degree Life is Examinition Universe is University

Our Future Plans

Little flower school is aiming towards :-

  • Introducing “Academic Advisory Concil’’ for the benefit of the student’s development.
  • To introduce “Technical Training” Courses.
  • To form “ student counseling committee’’ and to appoint a counselor.
  • To start up with correspondence college in order to encourage people to continue education.
  • To form “FIRST AID” team which is headed by a visiting doctor.
  • Introducing "Van Facility" for the benefit of students.
  • To Provide well "Equipped Laboratory" to make students socially engaged scientist.


Shri. N.M.K. Sogi, Former Deputy Education Minister

"I am very much impressed by the progress the school is achieving. The students are highly skilled and active. The teachers are devoted, i express my hearty wishes to the school for its all round progress and development."

Shri. Subhaiah Shetty, Former Education Minister

"The school has a great future in moulding generation in the spirit of Gandhiji's Ideals and through the ideals set out by its founder a Gandhian Shri.M.Perumalji"

Shri. Somashekar, Former Higher Education Minister

"Highly enthusiastic students found in this school"

Shri. Dinesh Gundurao, B.E Hon'ble Minister for Food and Civil Supplies

"Excellent Institution!!! Students and Teachers are putting in the holistic development of the school"

Shri. S. Suresh Kumar, Advocate,
Former Minister for Urban Development and Law Parliamentary affairs

"I have no words to express my feelings, Little Flowers has really bloomed in its two decades in this Institution, Students are just excellent in their behavior and attitude"

Late Shri. C. Arunachallama, Retd. Proprietor Sunrise Industries

"The school has grown like a big banyan tree. I bless the school to grow and to celebrate many number or centenaries"

Prof. Y.G. Singa Perumal, Retd. Principal of MES College

"The school has excellently maintained - Disciplined students and are guided excellently by the dedicated teachers in making them socially responsible citizens"

Shri Basavaraj Gowda, MA, Med. Retd. KES,
Block Education officer, Bangalore North Range - 2

"I appreciate the service of the school in impacting quality and creative education"

Shri. H.B. Manjunath, MA, Med, KES,
Deputy Director of Public Instruction, Bangalore North

"The school organizes exhibition every year. It is a creative program that helps the students to improve their scientific knowledge"

Shri. K.G.Anjanappa, MA, Med, KES, BEO, North Range - 2

"The school had good environment. This helps the children to bring out their creative ability, I wish your encouragement to the children help them to continue this for their future years"

Shri.Sampath, All India Freedom Fighters Association

"I had golden opportunity to visit this school on the exhibition day" Teachers in the institution are hard working and follows principals of Gandhiji. Let me pray the almighty to bless this institution to set a example of model institution in the country"

Rev.John Solomon, MA, Correspondent ST, Philomena's Nursery and Primary School

"The school caters the education for the deprived students in locality adopting Gandhian Principles. The school motto is really covering universal brotherhood and respecting all the religious teaching and impacting students to better citizens of the country.